Medical Lancing Device

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Jinhong® Safety Medical Lancing Device, assist diabetic patients to monitor their glucose levels, easily and safely with an adjustable dial,lancing depth can be set to an appropriate level for the individual . Any standard lancet can be used with these devices, to obtain small blood samples for accurate blood glucose, hemoglobin and other blood components testing.

Generally, lancing devices for diabetes all look very much the same. The devices are small tubes that launch a small needle known as a lancet into the skin to make a puncture that produces a drop of blood.Lancets come out of the package with a cover over the needle tip, which you need to remove before use. Once you insert the lancet into the lancing device, there’s a safety cover that keeps the needle sterile and helps avoid accidental jabs.

Lancet needles come in a variety of widths, which are measured in gauges (G). The finer and narrower the needle, the less painful it is to use. Oddly, higher gauge numbers indicate finer and narrower needles, while lower gauge numbers indicate heavier, thicker needles. So a 33 G lancet is thinner and more desirable than a 30 G lancet.

Nearly all lancing devices — with two notable exceptions in our roundup — tend to use the same type of spring-loaded mechanism to push the lancet needle into the skin.Most lancing devices have an adjustable setting to determine the depth of the jab. The depth is measured by the number of millimeters the needle penetrates the skin. While the depth settings don’t strictly correspond with the actual depth in millimeters, they’re set up so that the lower-numbered depth setting is shallower, while higher numbers mean a deeper jab.

Not all lancets look the same. While the shape and function of lancets don’t vary much, some manufacturers produce lancets in a rainbow of colors. This adds a little bit of fun to an otherwise un-fun task. Some people with children with diabetes comment in product reviews that having the colors to focus on makes the entire process less distressing for their child.One of the earliest lancing devices was nicknamed the Guillotine. It was a large, spring-loaded device with the lancet and its needle fully visible as it moved down its track toward the fingertip. Thankfully, today’s lancing devices conceal the lancet needle, making the process less scary, and accidental sticks less likely.

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