Colored Self-adhesive Label

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Product Introduction

KingLungXiang® Colored self-adhesive label, applying pearly-luster paper, environment-friendly & colorfast ink and cold thermo-print technology. Pearly luster paper has white glossy on its surface, looks classic and shining. Gilding technology will increase metallic glossy. This kind of label applies to health care products, edible products and different kinds of demand.


Material: Pearly-luster Paper (Customizable)

Size: 165x73mm/190x90mm (Customizable)

Packing way: Packing in rolls, 1000 pieces/roll (Customizable)

Features and Materials

Colored self-adhesive label is a kind of customized label, you can choose shining/matte silver paper, shining/matte gold paper, pearly-luster paper, composite paper, textured paper, transparent paper and etc. High-quality materials are guaranteed.

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