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What are the six characteristics of corrugated boxes?


Corrugated box is one of the important materials of cartons, and it can be said that it is also the best quality material, whether it has advantages in production, and it is better than other materials in terms of aesthetics. According to the introduction of the staff, the biggest feature of corrugated boxes is their high compressive strength, and the cartons are mainly used for transportation, which largely meets the needs of customers.

Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated cardboard and are the most widely used paper packaging containers. 60% -70% of the cardboard structure is hollow and has good shock absorption performance. Compared with the laminated cardboard at the same address, the thickness of the cardboard is twice as thick, which greatly enhances the transverse compressive strength of the cardboard. Therefore, the emblem is used for transportation packaging. Compared with traditional fine packaging, corrugated boxes have the following characteristics:

(1) Lightweight and firm, good cushioning performance

Corrugated cardboard is a hollow structure, and the least material is used to form a rigid box.

(2) Sufficient raw materials and low cost

There are many raw materials for corrugated boxes, such as leftover wood, bamboo, wheat straw, reeds, etc., and their cost is only about half of that of wooden boxes of the same volume.

(3) Easy to process

The production of corrugated boxes can be highly mechanized and automated, and the packaging operations for products can also be mechanized and automated.

(4) Convenient storage and transportation

Empty boxes can be folded or flattened for transportation and storage, which is convenient for loading, unloading, handling and stacking, saving the effective space of transportation tools and warehouses and improving its use efficiency.

(5) Wide range of applications

Corrugated cartons have a wide range of packaging items, and can be used in combination with various covers and moisture-proof materials. It can greatly improve the performance and expand the scope of use. For example, moisture-proof corrugated boxes can be used to pack fruits and vegetables; plastic film covers can be packaged easily Moisture-absorbing food; using plastic film lining, it can form a sealed package in the box. It can package liquid, semi-liquid food, etc.

(6) Easy to print

Corrugated cardboard has good ink absorption ability and good printing effect.

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