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Three Advantages of Intelligent Water Meters


Nowadays, intelligent water meters and mechanical water meters are common things. In the past, people always used mechanical water meters, but these water meters only had the function of measuring and did not bring more and better feelings to users in terms of water use. Therefore, people's impression of mechanical water meters is not very good. Let's take a detailed look at the three advantages of smart water meters together!

1. Replacing manual meter reading and reducing resource waste

The main reason is that the combination of intelligent remote water meters and remote meter reading systems can achieve remote water meter data collection, whether in remote rural areas, in signal poor areas, in remote corners, or in water wells. The realization of Automatic meter reading is extremely convenient for water supply departments and construction project users, and saves labor and time costs.


2. Powerful data storage and transmission capabilities

Remote water meters can store a large amount of data, which can be analyzed through system reception and converted into multi-dimensional graphical data reports. The water management can clearly grasp the current and long-term water usage situation.

3. Convenient tiered pricing cost statistics

Construction projects require a large amount of water, and in order to promote water resource conservation, the water supply department often adopts a tiered pricing model. Remote water meters can achieve different prices for different water usage periods in the system, and the system can directly and quickly calculate different prices separately


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