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Introduction of Double Layer Golf Umbrella


1. Materials

We can often see it in golf clubs and racing competitions. The biggest feature of this umbrella is its large size. It can be said to be the largest umbrella that can be held in the hand. The normal specifications are between 25 inches and 32 inches. As more and more people know about the good quality of this umbrella, its beautiful appearance, and its good sun-shading and rain-proof effect, golf umbrellas are gradually becoming popular, especially in recent years, golf umbrellas are widely used as business gifts and are widely used in high-end hotels. , high-end club property management, and high-end residential villa areas have also begun to be widely used.

1. Fabric

The fabrics of golf umbrellas are mostly high-end umbrella fabrics, mainly including 190 nylon silver tape and 190PG cloth. Using such fabrics, the umbrella surface is often flat, and the water drops will fall off quickly after being exposed to rain. 190 nylon silver tape has anti-ultraviolet function, which can filter out the hot summer heat for you, and the bright colors are pleasing to the eye. 190PG fabric (also known as touch-weaving fabric) is soft to the touch and very textured. It is unpretentious and makes people feel stable and generous.

2. Handle

The handles of golf umbrellas include EVA straight handles, plastic handles, plastic spray rubber paint handles, wooden handles, plastic-coated iron handles, titanium-plated iron handles, etc.

3. Rib

In the early years, golf umbrellas basically used iron grooves, or even double grooves, which were too bulky. The ribs of golf umbrellas are mainly made of fibrous bones, which are light in weight and not easy to break. There is also a mixed method of using short iron groove bone and long fiber bone.

4. Conventional specifications

A 25-inch straight umbrella can be called a golf umbrella. The more commonly used specifications: 27-inch X8K, 30-inch X8K, 34-inch X8K; there are also 16K/24K, "K" refers to the number of ribs, and 8K means 8 ribs.

2. Workmanship characteristics

There are many styles of golf umbrellas. The most common ones are straight hand-opened golf umbrellas, straight automatic golf umbrellas, and 20-fold self-opening golf umbrellas. Due to the large size of the umbrella, it is often better to go for a ride. After a strong wind, the one with less strength , often unstable, more and more humanized design, this problem has been better solved, and the golf umbrella surface has been improved. The common method is to make the umbrella surface into two layers, and the bottom layer of umbrella The top of the surface is hollow, and then the upper layer is covered on the lower layer, which is larger than the ventilation hole and just covers it. The upper and lower layers are stitched with a small amount of needlework. When it came over, the surplus through-hole top was discharged. There is another method that has the same effect as some methods. Simply make the umbrella stand double-layered, a bit like a Chinese pavilion, where the wind can pass and the rain can't get in. Sometimes I am really amazed by these ideas. This is the so-called double-layer windproof umbrella.

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